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Marcum Foundation

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Marcum Foundation

All charitable donations from the Marcum Workplace Challenge are administered by the Marcum Foundation. Its mission is to support non-profit organizations providing critical assistance to those in need, through programs and services delivered at the community level. This is an expression of Marcum's commitment to support the communities in which we do business.

The idea for the Marcum Foundation grew from the desire of Marcum employees to live by one of the Firm’s core values - community - defined simply as "giving back." Through various initiatives, special events and a Planned Giving Program, the Firm raises funds and makes contributions to the Foundation, which are then distributed to local organizations in each region.

The Marcum Foundation is proud to be a part of the Marcum Workplace Challenge and support Marcum's efforts to help the Long Island community. More information at www.marcumfoundation.org.

Fund Challenge

Another way to raise funds for our four great charities. The company that raises the most fund wins!

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NOTE: A company must be registered in order for their name to appear on the drop down list. Please check with your team captain if you do not see your company listed.

Marcum Foundation

Marcum Foundation

Find out more about how donations are administered to our beneficiaries.

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